MannerNet creates high-quality webpages!

I design and implement webpages according to the customer’s needs for Business, SMEs, Entrepreneurs, Organizations, Communities, Clubs, Events, Hobbies and Blogs.

As a platform, I use popular WordPress. Sites become responsive, so they work just as well on a computer, cell phone and tablet. I follow the latest trends, so the sites will be modern.

The customer needs to order Domain name and Web hotel, where the pages are stored. If needed, I help customers to choose the domain name and suitable web hotel.

I offer the creation of the new website as well as maintenance work to existing web pages.


  • Creation of the new website
  • Website homepage design
  • Technical implementation
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Logo design and implementation
  • Regular maintenance tasks
  • Guide to webpage admin tasks (document or video)

Properties can be seelected to website, like:

  • Contact page
  • Multilingual website
  • Calendar for appointments
  • Google-map
  • Online shop
  • Gift Cards
  • Contact form
  • Blog
  • Chat
  • Links to social media